Brand history

Motorola MT2000


manual wireless (Bluetooth/wifi), housing: IP54

Main (Motorola MT2000)
Performance manual wireless
Supported codes linear (1D) and matrix (2D), PDF417
Connection interfaces USB, RS-232
Body color grey
Specifications (Motorola MT2000)
Max. light code 86 111 LK
Features (Motorola MT2000)
The screen and buttons
Wireless communication (Motorola MT2000)
Wireless interface Bluetooth, Wi-Fi
Battery power 2 400 mAh
Operation (Motorola MT2000)
Protection class housing IP54
Resistance to fall 1.8 m
Operating temperature -20 to +50 °C
Operating humidity 5 - 95 %
Dimensions and weight (Motorola MT2000)
Length 198 mm
Width 78 mm
Height 127 mm
Weight 378 g
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